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Silver emerald necklaces

It would be hard to find more charming jewelry than a silver emerald necklace. The precious stone is the greatest decoration of our intricate jewelry. Each emerald necklace on our website proves that nature knows beauty best - which can be seen in the phenomenal green of these stones and their popularity among French women and other European women.

The emerald necklace is not just a trinket - it is made with skilled workmanship in high-quality 925 silver, confirmed by the hallmark and the gemstones are certified by the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco.

Emerald necklace - European silver and the natural beauty of stone

The uniqueness of emerald jewelry can be discovered, among other things, thanks to inclusions often visible in stones with faceted cuts. It is also a guarantee of the long-lasting beauty that the silver emerald necklace will bring to your collection. We have also made sure that this uniqueness is associated with an extremely attractive price-quality ratio.

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