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Stone cut

Lapis lazuli bracelets - jewelry with blue stones

The choice of lapis lazuli silver bracelets is huge. You can choose stones formed into round holes or rectangular shapes. A characteristic feature of lapis lazuli is its smooth cabochon cut. Thanks to it, the bracelet acquires an elegant form. Lapis lazuli has a deep blue color with sparkling particles of pyrite, the iron mineral, which forms inclusions. Our offered bracelets have a smooth form, made of silver links or geometric motifs. Our lapis lazuli silver bracelets are made of silver 925.

Silver bracelet with lapis lazuli - every day jewelry for special occasions

The uniqueness of lapis lazuli is unquestionable. Jewelry can be successfully worn on a daily basis and on special occasions. A silver bracelet made with lapis lazuli is covered with a layer of rhodium, thanks to which the silver does not tarnish and also does not react with the skin. Bracelets are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. The lapis lazuli silver bracelet is made in a timeless European style, and the French design impresses with its chic form.

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