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Silver necklaces with garnet

Feminine beauty is the greatest decoration, however a properly selected garnet necklace can emphasize it even more. Originally from Madagascar, this maroon stone is available in so many varieties that every lady can find a silver garnet necklace made for herself. It is all the more so because the presented designs are in line with the most fashionable European trends, which is confirmed especially by French fashion icons. It is worth knowing that our silver jewelry with garnet maintains a high quality of the stone and silver 925, confirmed by a hallmark. The authenticity of the stones is emphasized by the lack of inclusions on their surface - which is a characteristic feature of this gift of nature.

Garnet jewelry - French chic, European quality

A silver necklace with a garnet is an absolutely perfect gift for every lover of pure stones. Distinguished by a transparent look, most beautifully presented when in full lighting. This quality is confirmed by a certificate issued by specialists from the Institute of Gemmology in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory from Monaco. It is worth mentioning that such a silver necklace with garnet can be boldly worn by ladies with sensitive skin - rhodium-plated silver 925 does not cause allergies and prevents tarnishing.

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