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Stone cut

Silver earrings with labradorite

European women have good taste, and this is evident in their love of jewelry as chic as silver labradorite earrings. It can be found in nature in a multitude of shades, beautifully emphasized with blue or greenish reflexes. The silver labradorite earrings presented here are characterized by high-class labradorite originating from Madagascar, and the quality of silver 925 is guaranteed by the hallmark. That is why we ensure that each labradorite visible in our earrings will provide visual pleasure, distinguished by a blue reflex. Our stones are certified by the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco.

Silver labradorite earrings - jewelry as beautiful as it is solid

We offer silver labradorite earrings with a cabochon cut, but also a faceted cut. It is easy to keep clean because labradorite is resistant to chemical cleaning. Our labradorite earrings are created in a truly fashionable French style, and their dark color suits any style. It is also worth mentioning that the quality of the jewelry results not only from the solidity of the stone, but also from the rhodium plating of silver using high-quality German technology.

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