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Silver earrings with aquamarine

Dreamlike silver earrings with aquamarine which delight with their sea color. Very delicate, but at the same time with character - each fan of French fashion will be charmed by them. They attract attention with their current design, but the true beauty is reflected in the quality of workmanship, by which they are characterized. Refined in every detail, silver earrings with aquamarine are an ideal gift inspiration for demanding ladies, especially those who value European-style products.

Silver earrings with aquamarine - French edition, European precision

For women who love earrings, aquamarine earrings will bring something special to their collection. This is due to the brilliance and the two-color that develops depending on the angle of the incident light. It is certain that we are dealing here with an extraordinary stone, clean, without inclusions. In combination with the European, ratified 925 silver, it creates a truly extraordinary jewelry.

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