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  • €73.00 - €77.00

Silver sapphire bracelet

A sapphire bracelet is a proposal for women who value a sophisticated style. Sapphire is a precious stone, in our jewelry it occurs in its natural form, without unnecessary colorization. Therefore, we give you a unique opportunity to buy a silver bracelet with sapphires at an extremely affordable price. No need to carry out additional stone processing processes and the use of natural stones of the medium class for the production reduces the cost of jewelry production, and thus offers a very attractive price.

Silver bracelet with sapphires - exclusive jewelry

Although each silver bracelet with natural sapphires we offer is classified as medium-class jewelry, the aesthetics of the mineral and the quality of the silver surface make it exclusive. The silver bracelet with sapphires certified by the Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco, is made of high-quality 925 silver. Moreover, the silver is ratified and rhodium-plated using innovative German technology.

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