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Jewelry with pink quartz

Both rose quartz and all other stones adorning our jewelry are natural stones. Apart from cutting, in most cases they are not subjected to any processing. No staining or any treatments to regulate gloss or cause optical phenomena are applied to them. The authenticity and untreated nature of the stone is confirmed by the certificates held by the silver jewelry with rose quartz in our collection. The rose quartz we use is of the highest class, beautiful, carefully selected stone directly by cutters. This allows us to create top-class European jewelry, and due to the delicate pink, feminine color, it is always in fashion.

925 silver for jewelry with rose quartz

Our silver jewelry rose quartz is made of high-quality silver 925. It does not lose its shine even after many years of use. In order to further improve the quality of silver, it is rhodium-plated before the jewelry is made. For this purpose, German technology is used, recognized today by professionals as the most effective and definitely the most innovative. The hallmark is a confirmation of the quality of the silver used for our jewelry. Due to the lack of unnecessary stone processing, we offer jewelry with rose quartz at a good price, in both cabochon and faceted cuts

Rose quartz - jewelry with natural stone

Rose quartz is a special type of quartz. It is resistant to many different acids and chemicals. It takes a pink color, which is why it is often called a "stone of love". Rose quartz should have a pink reflex, transparent or translucent. A perfect stone used in jewelry should not have white additions or a milky glow. Slight internal cracks are acceptable. Transparent stones are the most valued. Rose quartz is a common mineral that occurs in many places in the world - we use deposits located in Brazil.

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