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Stone cut

Bracelets with black onyx - perfect for all lovers of classic style

There are many lovers of the classic style, with black in the lead role. The perfect complement to such aesthetics are black jewelry accessories. A silver onyx bracelet can be a great choice to complement such arrangements. Black onyx fits perfectly with a bracelet made of high-quality 925 silver. Its black color and simple cabochon cut perfectly match both decorative, fancy and more minimalist jewelry.

Silver bracelet with onyx - good quality at a good price

Our black onyx are certified by the Gemology Institute of Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. Therefore, each lover of elegant jewelry is guaranteed the originality of a natural stone. Silver onyx bracelets are an example of French style at its best. They will be the perfect complement to a black dress, but will add elegance to any formal styling. Our stones are natural and are not dyed, so we can offer jewelry at a very bargain price.

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