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About Us:

Artipol is a French company specialized in the production and distribution of complete silver jewelry collections in Amber and natural stone. We have extensive experience with a long Polish handcrafted tradition passed from generation to generation.

For over 17 years we offer our complete collection of jewelery and our unique designs in many shops in the French market.


Artipol was established in 1997 as a sole proprietorship. We began by being present in various international fairs (Grenoble, Lyon, Mulhouse etc.) and many craft exhibitions. Working with individual clients, we have come to know the tastes of customers and subsequently adapt our jewelry designs.

In April 2010, the sole proprietorship Artipol became a corporation. Today Artipol participates in major international trade fairs jewelry.

In addition, we work with Consignment stores which are located mainly in tourist areas.

Every year, our company offers new jewelry designs whose stones are selected with great care in order to always provide best quality.