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Jewelry with natural aquamarine

Jewelry available in our offer includes silver aquamarine earrings, rings and pendants. Each earring, ring or necklace with aquamarine has a natural stone that has not undergone any additional treatment. Natural aquamarine is a very valuable stone. However, since we have many years of cooperation with cutters, which affects the affordable price of the jewelry we offer. Aquamarine present in our jewelry is a faceted stone, which gives it an exotic character. We would like to emphasize that the stones available in our assortment have certificates confirming their originality.

Quality aquamarine silver jewelry

Our goal is to provide customers with jewelry that will meet their aesthetic and quality requirements. Due to the lack of additional stone processing, we get a product that is delightfully natural, but also economical. However, we want to ensure high-quality jewelry with aquamarine, the proof of which is the high-quality 925 silver, from which aquamarine silver earrings are made, as well as rings and necklaces with this stone. The hallmark stamped on each individual jewelry model from our offer is proof of the quality of silver

Aquamarine - jewelry with natural stone

Aquamarine is a beryllium stone which is mined in mines around the world. However, the main production areas are in Brazil and the USA. It is the bluish equivalent of an emerald. Jewelry with natural aquamarine has a glassy shine. The increased content of iron compounds gives the stone a blue color, while with less iron compounds, aquamarine jewelry is more green-blue. The name of the stone comes from the Latin words Aqua Marina, meaning sea water, which corresponds to the color of this unique ornament, which is aquamarine. Jewelry with this stone is an invigorating complement to any outfit.

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