French quality jewelry

We offer the largest selection of silver jewelry with natural stones in France.

Artipol offers silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones. The stones used in our jewelry are certified by the gemmology institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco. Our timeless designs are created in line with the latest French trends in the beautiful Alsace. Our inspirations are varied and come from French fashion, flora, fauna, or architecture. Our high-quality creations are produced in Europe and satisfy the most demanding tastes of European ladies of all ages.

We started our company in 1997 and we are the leader on the French market in the jewelry industry in silver jewelry with natural stones. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we have access to natural stones of very good quality and with a perfect cut.

Silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones

Rings from size 8 to 24, earrings, pendants, but also necklaces, bracelets and unique jewelry are available in our e-shop and in many of our exclusive stores.

Aquamarine jewelry is especially appreciated for the beautiful sea blue color of the stone. The stone is named after its color Aqua Marina in Latin. In our aquamarine jewelry we use very pure stones from Zambia.

Amber jewelry is made only of certified natural amber from Poland, adorned by a cabochon cut. We have silver amber jewelry and Vermeil jewelry with amber, it is available with very good quality stones from Poland.

We have amethyst jewelry with very good quality amethyst from Zambia with a deep, beautiful purple color. We offer silver jewelry with an amethyst in a cabochon or faceted cut. In addition, we have a beautiful collection of Vermeil jewelry with faceted amethyst.

Emerald jewelry is very well priced. Medium-quality natural stones from Zambia are used in silver jewelry with emeralds. Emerald is a precious stone with a green color.

Garnet jewelry is available as silver jewelry with garnet and vermeil jewelry with garnet. Our garnet comes from Madagascar and is faceted.

Jade jewelry from China is offered by us in European designs. Artipol sells silver jewelry with opaque jade, only in green color, carefully selected, without inclusions and with a cabochon cut.

Labradorite jewelry is exceptionally beautiful due to the great quality of the stones. We carry out a thorough selection of the best stones. Our silver jewelry with labradorite has a dark blue reflex. We use stones with cabochon cut and faceted cut. Mode We played a strong role in popularising labradorite jewelry in France, using it in a modern French style and European quality.

Lapis lazuli jewelry is offered as silver lapis lazuli jewelry in cabochon and faceted cuts. Lapis lazuli is mined most often in Afghanistan and is a blue semi-precious stone with a natural inclusions of pyrite.

Black onyx jewelry is jewelry made of rhodium plated silver and onyx in cabochon or faceted cuts. The black onyx, except for the cut, does not undergo any treatment. It is a fairly black shiny stone that can be found in various parts of the world.

Peridot jewelry is made with rhodium plated silver and is also known as Olivine jewelry. Olivine comes from the United States of America and is characterized by a unique transparent green color, it does not have inclusions. Peridot silver jewelry makes a beautiful green addition to many designs and collections.

Moonstone jewelry consists of a large offer of fashionable French-style jewelry made of refined European rhodium-plated silver. Silver jewelry with a moonstone is most often in the cabochon cut, although we also have faceted cut models. The moonstone used for the production of jewelry has internal cracks, thanks to which it achieves an exceptionally blue shine and a delightful reflex.

Jewelry with pink quartz due to its delicate pink, feminine color is always in fashion. Silver jewelry with rose quartz is made of rhodium-plated European silver 925 and rose quartz in cabochon or faceted cut. Rose quartz is found in many places around the world, and for our jewelry it is obtained from deposits located in Brazil.

Ruby jewelry is made of rhodium-plated silver and rubies from Kenya. We use natural, unheated rubies with a beautiful red color of medium quality at an affordable price.

Sapphire jewelry we offer jewelry made of rhodium plated silver with sapphire from Sri Lanka and India. We use faceted sapphire which is natural, unheated, opaque, dark blue in color. For silver and sapphire jewelry we use medium-quality stones with a very good quality-price ratio.

Blue topaz jewelry is rhodium-plated silver jewelry with blue topaz. We also have a large selection of silver vermeil jewelry with blue topaz. Blue topaz is a light blue, transparent stone, characterized by high transparency. We use a variety of topaz named Sky Blue, which is as close to natural as possible and as minimally processed as possible.

Turquoise jewelry is a proposal of beautiful jewelry for every occasion. It is rhodium-plated silver jewelry with certified natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise, originating from the USA from Arizona deposits. Turquoise is characterized by a uniform, blue color, without cracks. It is a completely natural stone, not pressed and not colored, subjected to cabochon cut.

Tiger's eye jewelry is a guarantee of a good choice. Silver jewelry with a tiger's eye is made primarily in cabochon cut, but we also offer a faceted cut. Tiger's eye is a variety of quartz ranging in color from light brown to black. A characteristic feature of a tiger's eye are stripes resembling a cat's eye or a tiger's fur. Tiger's eye is mainly mined in South Africa, Australia, the USA or Russia.

We use only natural stones of specially selected quality and premium 925 silver. Our jewelry is available in a rhodium-plated finish. The quality of our silver and gold plating is guaranteed by the French hallmark.

Best Quality 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our studio uses the latest European production technologies, because the quality of our jewelry is our commitment. For refined pure silver 999 we use hypoallergenic Italian alloy additives. We obtain the best quality silver 925 with the appropriate density and surface hardness. Very delicate and modern designs can be produced from such silver 925 using a modern German vacuum-pressure foundry. Free of casting contamination with perfectly arranged metal crystals, it can be perfectly polished and then plated with platinum, rhodium or gold.

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