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Stone cut

Silver earrings with jade

The silver earrings are pretty by themselves, but if enriched with green jade, the earrings will be truly delightful ! This cabochon-cut stone, highly valued in Chinese culture, can be discovered in nature in a variety of colors. Our silver jade earrings are beautiful green - a variety of jade that cannot be ignored. The high quality of the cut and 925 silver make the silver jade earrings effective and at the same time affordable.

Silver jade earrings delight all European ladies !

We proudly present jade earrings, because they are a combination of a beautiful and very hard stone with pure European silver. Small inclusions are allowed here, and it is also a stone that is highly valued in Chinese culture. Refined and rhodium-plated silver of the European class with a hallmark provides a certainty that neither allergy nor tarnishing will be a problem for their owner. So if you want to bestow a woman close to your heart with fashionable and solid jewelry - silver earrings with jade is an excellent choice.

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