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Stone cut

Silver pendants with labradorite - jewelry with a blue reflection

People looking for jewelry with extraordinary stones will certainly be intrigued by labradorite. Pendants with this mineral, available in our offer, are made with an European design determined by French fashion trends. These models are an example of the latest, but also timeless designs. Our labradorite originates from Madagascar. It has a dark, grayish color with a blue or bluish-greenish accent, thanks to the appropriate sanding. A silver pendant with labradorite will always show the highest-quality blue reflection.

Jewelry with labradorite - a pendant for allergy sufferers

Our offer includes rhodium-plated silver jewelry which is not allergenic so it is safe for allergy sufferers. Additionally is characterized by high durability and does not tarnish like other precious metals without an additional coating. Labradorite is also hard and resistant to chemical damage. You can choose a pendant with a cabochon or faceted cut. Our pendants are made of high-quality 925 silver, guaranteed with a hallmark.

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