Silver and Vermeil earrings

We have the largest selection of silver earrings with natural stones in France. We offer numerous silver earrings, made in an European style, in various shapes, sizes, with and without various stones. All our models follow the current French fashion. Silver earrings available in a wide assortment in our store are made of the purest European ratified silver. This is important because it does not cause allergies. We guarantee the purity of 925 silver with our hallmark. Almost all earrings are additionally ennobled by covering the silver with a layer of rhodium. This gives them a lasting glow, prevents silver tarnish and keeps the earrings in perfect condition.

Please pay attention to the fact that each pair of earrings consists of at least two stones, which are characterized by their uniqueness. We try to match them in pairs as best as possible, but there will always be some differences that prove the untreated nature and uniqueness of each stone. We select our stones directly from cutters to obtain the best quality and price.

Gold-plated silver earrings - VERMEIL quality

We offer a large selection of earrings made of thick gold-plated silver with amethyst, amber, blue topaz and garnet. Gold-plated silver is a solution for those users who want a change, from time to time supplement their silver jewelry with gold. The earrings are thickly gold-plated according to the French VERMEIL standard (minimum 5 microns of 18-carat gold), as evidenced by an additional hallmark "V". Gold in earrings and pendants should rub off, in case of problems, our workshop will immediately correct it.

Silver earrings with natural stones

Are you interested in small silver earrings with small stones, which are an unobtrusive complement to the outfit? Or maybe you prefer silver earrings without stones or gold-plated earrings? Our assortment includes all types of women's earrings, so you will surely find what will meet your expectations. We offer you the choice of jewelry for every occasion, choosing the right style of earrings and the size, color and gloss of the stone. All stones we offer are completely natural. This means that they have not undergone any beauty treatments. Thanks to this, they remain natural, and the price of jewelry is affordable.

In our opinion, jewelry should look stunning without losing its attractiveness over the years. We are able to achieve our goal thanks to the use of natural, beautiful stones and high quality 925 silver.

Earrings are among the most important elements of everyday jewelry. Almost all women use them.

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