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Stone cut

Silver onyx necklaces

There is no other stone like black onyx, as its resistance to acids and chemicals is legendary. However, what impresses above all is the deep, uniform black that distinguishes each onyx in the necklace. It is worth noting that each silver necklace with onyx in our offer is distinguished by its amazing beauty, and its quality and originality are confirmed by the hallmark. You can choose a necklace with onyx in a faceted or cabochon cut - according to your taste and preferences.

Onyx - jewelry for demanding customers

This category includes unique onyx jewelry in a truly European style. Such design is adored by French women, and loved by stylish Polish women. Beauty and quality go hand in hand - the stones embedded in the necklaces are certified by the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. What's more, our silver jewelry with black onyx does not tarnish, and can also be worn by ladies with extremely sensitive skin. Both advantages result from the use of the rhodium plating process on the surface of silver used in necklaces.

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