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Silver earrings with ruby

If you are not satisfied with mediocrity, you value style and fashion as well as precious stones, choose our silver earrings with a ruby. The red stone from Kenya has been a symbol of elegance for centuries. Red ruby ​​earrings will be a perfect complement to any evening outfit. A good quality stone, uncontaminated by treatments such as staining or gloss intensification, it is a proposition at a good price that will appeal to everyone.

Ruby - silver earrings, matching any outfits

We offer a wide selection of ruby ​​earrings, both for fans of the expressiveness of jewelry and lovers of small, inconspicuous ornaments. The earrings available in our offer are high-class jewelry at an economic price. By resigning from additional ruby ​​treatment, which removes the untreated nature of the stone, we reduce production costs, thanks to which we can offer attractive prices for ruby ​​jewelry. The earrings that we introduce to the offer are made of silver 925 guaranteed by the hallmark. Our silver is covered with rhodium, which protects it against mechanical damage and tarnishing.

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