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Lapis lazuli jewelry

Our offer includes silver lapis lazuli jewelry, featuring all the most popular elements of a woman's jewelry collection. Among them you will find a lapis lazuli ring, a lapis lazuli bracelet, as well as earrings and necklaces containing this unusual stone. We only use natural stones that have not been color-treated. The untreated nature of the stone ensures an appropriate shine of the mineral and a unique aesthetic effect. It is also worth remembering that we carefully select the best stones directly from the cutters, thanks to which the silver jewelry with lapis lazuli available in our offer is of relatively high quality and attractive price. Lapis lazuli jewelry is most often found in the Afghan or Indian style, made of Asian silver of unknown purity. Artipol offers French-style jewelry made of European refined silver 925.

Elegant and durable silver jewelry with lapis lazuli

Our goal is to provide our clients with aesthetic and durable products. The deep blue color of the stone, the authenticity of which is confirmed by certificates, ensures a delightful effect. The gloss and undisturbed surface structure of 925 silver are also important here. The high quality combined with rhodium-plating of silver ensures that each lapis lazuli bracelet, ring and other jewelry from our offer will serve you for many years. Lapis lazuli jewelry cannot be chemically cleaned.

Lapis lazuli - jewelry with natural stone

Lapis lazuli is an intense blue semi-precious stone with a natural addition of pyrite. Lapis lazuli jewelry features stones in cabochon and faceted cuts. Each pendant or bracelet made of lapis lazuli is a special decoration due to the deep color of the stone. It is mined in many places around the world, with the best and longest-known source in Afghanistan. If you are looking for something elegant and original, lapis lazuli will certainly be a good choice for you. Silver jewelry containing this natural mineral is definitely an original solution.

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