We invite professionals to visit our Artipol stand at professional jewelry fairs. We guarantee a very large selection and the possibility of purchasing and defining rules of commission sales.
  1. Prestigious jewelry fair in Paris, February 26-28, 2022: FASHION PARIS 2022 PLACE VENDÔME
  2. Munich International Jewelry Fair April 8-11, 2022: INHORGENTA MUNICH 2022

Hallmarks - guarantee of quality and origin of precious metals

Hallmarks, stamped or lasered, are a kind of signature / stamp of the jewelry producer or importer. This allows you to precisely identify the producer. It is also a guarantee of the quality of the precious metal.

The hallmark is a jewelers tool made of high-quality steel. It is used for stamping a legally protected mark registered in a French assay office. French hallmarks are shaped like a tiny ellipse.


In France, trade in precious metals is strictly registered and controlled. Lack of a hallmark indicates silver of unknown origin and is punishable by law. Warning ! Even jewelry bought legally in other European countries must be checked and marked with the French hallmark. French regulations on trading in precious metals are very restrictive and are a protective barrier against silver of unknown origin and purity. Silver 925 without a registered hallmark does not guarantee good quality of the product.