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Stone cut

Silver amethyst necklaces

Amethyst is an exceptionally beautiful natural stone, present in our incredibly refined jewelry. Every French woman who knows fashion has an amethyst necklace in her collection, which also inspires other world-class ladies to supplement their own jewelry boxes with the stone. Amethyst in a necklace is distinguished by its origin from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the fact that the offered amethyst jewelry is original and made of good quality 925 silver - confirmed by the hallmark. Any visible inclusions or cracks add character to the stones and make them even more unique.

Silver necklace with amethyst - a gift of nature in its most beautiful version

When looking for a real treasure for your jewelry collection - you cannot go wrong with an amethyst. This stone is also certified by experts from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory from Monaco, who confirm the quality of our stones visible in our offer. If you want to discover the full beauty potential of silver jewelry with natural amethyst, it is best to look at it in the strong daylight. There is no person who would not be delighted with amethyst in such an exposition!

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