Silver necklaces with turquoise - jewelry for the most demanding

Decorative stones have many fans, among which turquoise is especially popular. The most popular model is full of cracks visible to the naked eye. Our offer includes silver necklaces with sleeping beauty turquoise, which comes from Arizona, USA and has a uniform blue color. It is a high-quality stone certified by the Gemology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco. A turquoise necklace will be perfect for the most demanding lovers of the boho style.

Jewelry that will emphasize a smart, casual, or formal styling

If you want to add a little more finesse to a smart casual styling at work, choose a silver necklace. Turquoise as a necklace decoration is perfect. It will match with a black shirt dress and will add more color to your outfit, while maintaining its elegant character. There are many reasons why you should choose a necklace like this. Natural turquoise has a simple, cabochon cut, perfectly emphasizing the shape of each stone. The necklace is European 925 silver, additionally secured with a rhodium-plated layer.

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