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Stone cut

Silver pendant with a tiger's eye

The particular palette and exceptional durability make the tiger’s eye an extremely fashionable and desirable stone. Its uniqueness is even more enhanced by the fact that each pendant with a tiger's eye can look completely different ! It is a stone whose colors range from light brown to black.

It can always be recognized by its unique, tiger-like stripes. Our jewelry features high-quality stones, which have been certified by the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in Monaco.

Tiger's Eye - this is what the most fashionable European women wear !

Pendants with a tiger's eye are available both with a cabochon cut and a faceted cut. The silver grade of our jewelry is always confirmed by its hallmark. Silver 925 is ratified and rhodium-plated, which means that it will not tarnish even after many years, and can be worn beautifully by people with extremely sensitive skin.

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