Silver and vermeil pendants

We offer a very large selection of silver pendants with carefully selected high-quality natural stones. If you want jewelry of a proven quality, choose the pendants we offer. The silver pendants we offer in each case contain a stone of confirmed authenticity, supported by certificates from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory from Monaco. In addition, for the production of our jewelry, 925 silver is used, covered with a layer of rhodium, which acts as a barrier to factors that can damage the jewelry. What's more, the fashionable neck pendants in our assortment are stamped with a hallmark, which guarantees high-quality silver.

Fashionable pendants in a European style are the perfect complement to an evening outfit. Simpler women's pendants will also work well as everyday jewelry and perfectly match the current trends in French fashion. Depending on the selected stone, you can adjust the pendant to your needs, deciding on the jewelry that goes well with any outfit, or the one that you will wear for the holidays. The variety of silver pendants we offer, combined with the untreated nature of the stones, high quality of jewelry, and its affordability, makes our offer unique. For many models of our pendants, we suggest matching earrings and chains.

Silver pendants with any natural stone

Are you a lover of shiny gemstones? Or maybe you prefer more subdued decorations? Regardless of your taste, you will find our women's pendants that will surely meet your expectations. Emerald, sapphire or maybe ruby? Any of these gemstones can appear in your collection. You can also choose decorative stones, including: topaz, jade, black onyx, or rose quartz, among others. All of the stones in our collections are completely natural, so they have not been aesthetically treated. As a result, each silver pendant from our offer is complemented with a natural stone, and the price of jewelry is more affordable.

Gold-plated silver pendants - VERMEIL quality

We offer a large selection of gold-plated silver pendants with amber, blue topaz, amethyst and garnet. We believe that these stones are best suited to the color of gold. Artipol pendants, earrings and rings are thickly plated with gold and meet the requirements of the French VERMEIL standard (minimum 5 microns of 18-carat gold), as evidenced by an additional hallmark "V". The VERMEIL quality for earrings and pendants ensures that the gold layer never wears off. If there are any problems, our workshop will immediately replay the layer..

Gold-plated silver is a solution for those users who, from time to time, want a change and complement their silver jewelry with gold, and it is a great, economical solution.

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