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Silver earrings with emerald

There is no more noble jewelry than the one with the addition of a precious stone - and the presented emerald earrings prove it perfectly. Their characteristic green color stands out from the rest. This natural stone is one of the most fashionable choices when it comes to French trends. However, silver emerald earrings are much more than stylish European-style jewelry. We are dealing here with high-quality workmanship made of 925 silver, which is confirmed by a name stamp, and certificates for stones from the Gemmology Institute in Lyon and the Gemmological Laboratory in.

Earrings with an emerald - an original look that complements European silver

Silver earrings with a natural emerald in the quality intended for silver jewelry, thanks to the possible inclusions, they delight with their individual charm. The applied faceted cut completes the work, at the same time guaranteeing that the jewelry will look more and more beautiful with the passage of time. It is also worth noting that we are dealing here with a very attractive price to quality ratio, thanks to which this gemstone in such a unique setting becomes more affordable, although invariably unique.

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