Quality and purity of silver 925

For the production of our jewelry we use silver obtained from and refined by European smelters. Silver, after being refined, has a high content of pure silver: 999 g / 1000 g, nor does it contain any harmful admixtures of metals or other impurities.

Pure 999 silver

Pure 999 silver
999 pure silver

Best quality silver 925

In order to achieve an appropriate strength of the products, we lower the silver content in the alloy from 999 g to 925 g. We use Italian alloy additives that grant the alloy its excellent physical properties, such as, surface density and hardness. All additives are hypoallergenic, which means that our products are free of harmful and allergenic metals. Thanks to the additives, we can also obtain a perfectly polished surface. Alloying is thus a necessary process before further hardening and processing silver jewelry during rhodium or gold plating. A high quality is guaranteed by the production technology that is used in all our Artipol jewelry designs.The appropriate density of silver 925 is obtained thanks to the use of German vacuum-pressure foundries. This guarantees the perfect mixing of the alloy, the correct arrangement of metal crystals, and the absence of foundry impurities in the product. This technology allows the production of very light, delicate and modern designs.After the initial polishing treatment, the silver is hardened in an additional hardening process, which reduces its susceptibility to scratching, which would result in a loss of its shine. Our products are then subjected to a multi-stage, modern polishing process, which allows one to bring out a beautiful gloss and every detail of the product. Only well-polished silver can later be rhodium-plated or gold-plated.All these conditions significantly increase the production costs, but result in a 100% guarantee of the best product quality.The quality of our silver is guaranteed by our French hallmark.
The metal content in the alloy is read as follows:Fineness 999: indicates 99.9% pure silver in the alloy (very soft).Fineness 925: indicates 92.5% pure silver in an alloy - the European standard for jewelry.