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Jewelry with an emerald

The light green color of the stone makes silver emerald jewelry fit for any outfit. On the other hand, the unique elegance and style of a precious stone predispose it to create compositions with festive costumes. Undoubtedly, earrings with a natural emerald or a pendant with an emerald are a perfect way to emphasize celebration and importance of the current moment. We would like to emphasize how unique the jewelry we offer is. The stone is not subjected to any processing, so we offer our customers a completely natural emerald. Additionally, the precious stones in our jewelry are medium class that we occasionally buy after the production of gold jewelry. Thanks to this, jewelry gains character, and we have the opportunity to offer a lower purchase price.

Emerald - silver jewelry for special occasions

Our specialty is silver jewelry, we use silver 925 to provide our customers with jewelry made of high-quality material. Our motto is to combine high quality with an affordable price. That is why we offer jewelry which is aesthetic and durable due to the rhodium-plated silver 925, but also a certificate of authenticity with each natural stone. The rhodium layer that covers the jewelry prevents the natural degradation of the material as well as chemical and mechanical damage. Silver jewelry with emeralds offered by our store includes earrings, pendants, and rings made of rhodium-plated silver.

Emerald - jewelry with natural stone

Emerald is a precious stone of special value. It owes its popularity since ancient times to its unusual color. Most often it is light green, sometimes it takes on other shades of green. The highly transparent emerald is highly valued. Emerald jewelry is a synonym of the highest elegance, which we offer you at a very good value for money.

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