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Jewelry with labradorite

We have the largest selection of silver jewelry with labradorite in France, which we have been successfully offering for a long time at international jewelry fairs. Our offer includes a wide range of jewelry products containing labradorite. Jewelry in our offer includes numerous silver labradorite rings, earrings, and pendants. Thanks to our extensive range, each client has a chance to find what they are looking for. European-style jewelry modeled after French trends, with a cabochon cut or faceted stone, is a perfect proposition for all wearers. The universal color of the mineral allows you to match the labradorite necklace to any dress. Similarly, earrings with this stone will work well with almost any outfit and makeup.

Silver 925 - high-quality jewelry with labradorite

The quality of silver is a key issue for the quality of jewelry. In the case of our labradorite jewelry, the material used in its preparation is silver 925, as evidenced by the hallmark. High quality silver guarantees the good quality of rings, earrings, or necklaces with labradorite. However, it is also worth emphasizing that our silver is rhodium-plated, i.e. covered with a layer of rhodium that protects it against dirt, tarnish, chemical, and mechanical damage.

Labradorite - jewelry with natural stone

Labradorite is a semi-precious stone, most often light to very dark in color. It is characterized by a blue reflex , which is brought out thanks to internal cracks. Finding it depends on the appropriate section and cut. A bluish-greenish reflex is also acceptable. The most valued Labradorites are dark stones with a blue reflex (we choose the best stones directly at the cutters). Thanks to this characteristic, silver jewelry with labradorite is a unique accessory that is hard to miss. We guarantee that each stone featured in our labradorite jewelry will always show the blue reflex when placed in the right light. The name of the mineral is not accidental as it comes from the Labrador peninsula. Our labradorite comes from Madagascar.

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