Jewelry collections

Our main business activity is supplying points of sales and online stores with jewelry and minerals, this includes touristic and seasonal stores, with complete collections and exhibition equipment. We offer over 20 types of collection switch natural stones: mostly European rhodium plated silver 925, but also 4 collections of Vermeil gilded silver - amber, faceted amethyst vermeil, blue topaz vermeil and garnet vermeil.

Consignment sale of jewelry. Jewelry wholesale
Consignment sale of Jewelry - Bijorhca in Paris
Jewelry collection - rings, earrings, pendants
Jewelry collection - rings, earrings, pendants

Each collection includes jewelry with one type of stone. Collections consist of rings arranged according to sizes, from 48 to 64, earrings, pendants, and many collections feature bracelets and necklaces.We offer carefully composed collections which, in line with our many years of experience, give the best sales results.. We provide a wide selection of high-class European jewelry, in line with the latest trends in French fashion. Artipol jewelry meets the demanding tastes of European users, who attach importance to the origin of the precious metal used - European silver 925 rhodium or gold plated, the quality of the cut, and the value of the stone. We offer all this at a well calculated price.To find out the professional price, create a professional account. select all cabochons for production personally and offer a very wide range of jewelry, so the catalog below only contains a part of our offer. On request, we also fulfill special wholesale orders with individually composed collections, according to the customer’s preferences.

Jewelry prices

The prices of individual collections vary depending on the models they are made of. All jewelry is labeled and ready for sale. The displays for our collections are also equipped with security systems, allowing the customer to conveniently try on and choose the size of the ring, all while preventing theft.We hold a large stock of jewelry throughout the year, thanks to which we guarantee regular delivery of any models in most stones and sizes.

French quality jewelry

Our experience shows that Artipol jewelry is very popular with customers from the United Kingdom. When visiting tourist destinations in France, they gladly buy our rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The natural stones we offer are not widely available in England, where the choice is limited mainly to amber and synthetic and artificially colored stones. British customers also appreciate our designs, which are in line with French trends, the purity of European silver, and a high standard of finish (rhodium-plating and gilding) in accordance with the best Italian and German technologies. This prompted us to expand our activities to the UK market. We will be happy to share our experience and support UK shops and UK wholesalers in selecting the best-selling models and stones for their collection.We regularly expand our assortment with new models and new natural stones. We currently offer complete collections with the following stones:
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Cabochon cut

    AmberAmber in gold-plated silverAmethystJadeLabradoriteLapis lazuliTiger's EyeBlack onyxMoon stoneRose quartzTurquoise

Faceted cut

    Faceted amethystAmethyst in gold-plated silver EmeraldGarnetGarnet in gold-plated silverOlivineRubySapphireBlue topazBlue topaz in gold-plated silver
Other stones